Beekeeping Introduction


This one day training course is written, designed and delivered by Andy our master beekeeper at The Tree Bee Society of Great Britain and the course is accredited and certificated by United Kingdom Rural Skills (UKRS). This  training course is designed for anyone that is thinking about taking up beekeeping but is not sure where to begin, how much time and effort is involved or how much it all costs.

The course explains all about bees and the different types of equipment and hives that are available. This course is classroom based and makes an ideal gift for a birthday, anniversary, mother or fathers day and can be followed up by anyone wanting to progress their training further with a mornings practical session in one of our apiaries.

We limit the numbers of each of these courses to ten people so that they do not become overcrowded. All of the courses are delivered at our training centre in Burscough L40 but on request we can arrange courses anywhere in the country, please contact us for prices and availability.

Tree Bee are a not for profit Community Interest Company (CiC), full time beekeepers and we operate a nationwide service removing and rescuing bees that come into conflict with mankind. We have several apiaries across West Lancashire and practice natural balanced beekeeping techniques when managing our very special rescued bees.

Please read below for a overview of the content that will be delivered on the day.


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  • Know the history of beekeeping and how that influences 21st century beekeeping techniques
  • Know the importance of bees to humankind
  • Know the ecological pressures causing a worldwide decline in honeybee numbers
  • Identify the type of beekeeping best suited to you, hobby, profit or ecological
  • Identify the different types of honeybee and their very different temperaments
  • Identify the different types of hive design and what design will work best for you
  • Identify beekeeping equipment and what is essential kit and what is not
  • Identify common bee diseases and different types of treatment options
  • Know where to locate your apiary/hives and about statutory nuisance
  • Know about setup costs and potential financial return
  • Know about bee stings, remedies and basic beekeeping health and safety
  • Know where to source your bees and equipment


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